The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) came into being with effect from 6th January 1976 under a separate Act of the State Legislature viz. the BDA Act 1976. This Authority combined in itself the Planning functions of the City Planning Authority and the developmental functions of the erstwhile CITB.

The Bangalore Development Authority came into existence in 1976 as a successor to the erstwhile City Improvement Trust Board. Development of Bangalore in a planned manner, creating quality infrastructure, provision of sites and services and catering to the housing needs of the underprivileged are the focus areas of the BDA.

Since inception, the BDA has allotted 76,000 sites to individuals for construction of residential dwellings. In addition, more than 800 civic amenity sites have been given for use by various public utilities, as also organisations, catering to the felt needs of the particular locality.

B.D.A. Cadre and Recruitment Rules have been revised and sent to Government for approval during April 2001.

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The Finance Section renders advice to the Authority on various financial issues and is also entrusted with the responsibility for maintenance of the accounts of the Authority.

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Land Acquisition

The Land Acquisition section acquires land for various developmental schemes as approved by the Government of Karnataka under Section 35 and Section 36 of Bangalore Development Authority Act, 1976.

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Development Rights Certificates (DRC’s) in lieu of Monetary compensation for lands acquired by the public authority for public purposes is being issued at TDR Cell of Estate ...

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The Administration section is entrusted with the responsibility of all establishment and general administrative matters. The section also handles all matters related to allotment of sites, flats and their post allotment work.

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The Engineering Department is primarily concerned with the execution of various developmental schemes in the layouts and also construction of infrastructure works. The department also monitors..

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Town Planning

The Bangalore Development Authority is the statutory Planning Authority under the provisions of section 2-7(a)(i) and (81-B)of Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act,1961 for the Local Planning...

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